About Us

About Us

Interior Electronics Ltd / Queale Electronics, a division of Interior Electronics Ltd

Interior Electronics is a general line electronics distributor that began business in 1963 in Vernon, British Columbia. By 1967 the company had expanded to include branches in Kelowna and Kamloops. In 1971 the company changed ownership and in the tough economy of the early eighties the head office was moved to the Kelowna branch and the Vernon and Kamloops branches were closed.

Kelowna continued to serve the entire interior of British Columbia. In 1989 the current ownership purchased Interior Electronics Ltd. In 1997 we purchased the assets of Queale Electronics Ltd., another general line electronics distributor that has been in business since 1939 and had their head office in Victoria and a branch in Nanaimo. The Nanaimo area is now covered by the Victoria branch, and a resident salesman, and this branch operates as Queale Electronics, A Division of Interior Electronics Ltd.

Our most recent expansion involves the asset purchase of Ridd Electronics Ltd. in Burnaby on March 1, 2004. Ridd had been in existence in the lower mainland for about 30 years. This branch operates as Interior Electronics Ltd.

Over the years Interior Electronics has seen many changes in the electronics wholesale business, has adapted to keep pace with these changes in business, as well as in our product offering. We currently have all three branches tied together electronically so that all $960,000.00+ of inventory is visible and accessible no matter where it is. Customers have the ability to view inventory and place orders through our website, just click the shop tab.

Kelowna Branch

Victoria Branch

Burnaby Branch

Building 30 Years Of Trust

In 1995 Interior Electronics became a member of Edge Marketing and Procurement, which is a group of some 99 electronic wholesale companies representing over 171 branches in Canada and the U.S.A. This affiliation allows us to have access to many more lines, at competitive prices, and to bring a much larger capability to the table in servicing our customers. We haven't, however, lost the small company flexibility that makes a regional distributor like us easy to deal with.

We service customers in the industrial, institutional, and commercial markets, as well as original equipment manufacturers. Each branch also services local needs with showrooms and active sales counters staffed by knowledgeable staff.

Major product groups include test equipment, featuring Fluke, and closed circuit television, with such names as Pelco and American Dynamics . Electronic tools by Ideal, Weller, Xcelite, and soldering equipment by Weller, Pace, and American Hakko are further examples of our product lines. OEM lines such as Para Light and American Bright LED's, Elna capacitors, Phoenix Contact, Wieland, Hammond, Anderson Power Products and many more, are also franchised. Pelican Cases and Lighting products are also featured.

We look forward to earning the right to supply you with your electronics product needs.